Privacy Policy


Your Budget Website pays strict attention to the matter of client's personal/private information by keeping them safe and secure. Although we gather some crucial information from our respected clients, we use such information only to process orders. The clients’ information is not shared with any unauthorized person or entity used for any other purpose, other than the mentioned one, until the client agrees to do so.


Collection of client’s information is made through email, order form and other sources and we are responsible for protecting them according to our most effective privacy policy. We collect information for order processing purposes, as mentioned earlier, and any information is never exposed to anybody, within or outside the organization, or shared and sold to any third party service providers.

We need the client's personal information, including clients’ identity (name), the name of the company with whom the client belongs to, email (both primary and secondary for safe side) and billing addresses, contact number, fax number, and of course order details. We need all these information, among others, in a concise way, and they are crucial to us as they help us start working on your project.

We also collect some important technical information from our clients. We collect technical information which includes the client’s IP address, version of browser, operating system and the visiting time and date. We use Google Analytics and other technology tools to gather technical data.


We collect the information from our valued clients with the core aim of developing our understanding what products are very crucial for clients and what value added services would the clients require in them.

We collect the information, especially the billing address, in order to make the payment process smooth.We use email addresses for the purpose of order related communication and for other purposes, including clients’ complaints, comments, opinions, appreciations and of course the product delivery when we finalize it.

We may use email addresses with the core purpose of updating our clients about any new product’s or service’s arrival, amendments made on the website, promotional offers, and the new developments and latest news related to the industry.

All these information types are helpful to our management as they assist them enhance the marketing strategies. We also use the information for compiling the record of products that are the most selling ones.


We always ensure payment privacy by exercising the standard industry practices. As an integral part of payment privacy approaches, we give multiple reliable payment options to our valued clients. We also have a highly sophisticated payment processor where their billing related data is out by clients. This payment processor uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) indicated in the domain as “https://”. We have a highly responsible management team who always ensure that our clients never face any minor issue, especially the issue of payment privacy.


We are very serious about the aspect of confidentiality and we consider this as a very sensitive matter. Thus, the entire team, both lower and upper level staff members, is fully aware of our clients’ confidentiality of any type. Here, we always make sure higher level of clients’ confidentiality and never compromise over our clients’ personal and private information.

Using clients’ personal data helps us we are in touch with them 24/7 and this approach also assists us make communication with them about anything smooth. Here, the client’s information is treated as off the record data. We have a highly sophisticated server system in which we save all data. Such a server can only be accessed by the authorized members of our management team.


We may change or amend this privacy policy, and it is possible when we feel the clients’ privacy should be more strict. If we make changes or amendments in the privacy policy, we are responsible for updating our clients about such changes or amendments. We will send a prior notice about the effective date of implementation of changes.


First of all, we are responsible for avoiding the information disclosure at any cost. Nevertheless, we are also responsible for disclosing information if Your Budget Website is to obey the country law for various legal procedures, including legal proceedings and court order.


For any query, concern and confusion, if you have regarding this privacy policy, simply contact our round-the-clock available support team via our contact us form.