Term & Conditions


Clients are facilitated by our revision policy but how much revisions will be allocated depends upon the package selected by the client, suggesting that your package details give you the options for specific number of revisions. Focus of our team is on the provision of best services to all our valued clients and on provision of guaranteed free revisions to satisfy their ultimate needs. As revisions are free, you don’t need to pay for them. However, if you come back with new design themes or new requirements in the delivered work, additional cost will be paid by you. We take at least 48 hours to do a revision work.

If you request for any revisions, amendments or changes following the logo designs are finalized, such a request will not be considered as revision. It will absolutely be regarded as a new requirement/ order.


We have a refund policy and there are conditions in which we will not issue a refund. So, refund will not be issued if:

Note: Your Budget Website has the right to refuse any order and cancel the contract whenever it considers necessary. Once a refund is issued, your rights to use the designs for any purpose will be ended automatically, and only Your Budget Website will have the design’s ownership.


If you have the refund claim, you simply need to follow the steps below stated:

We are always alert to entertain you and we always ensure we respond to your refund claim as soon as possible. After completion of the required analysis made by us, we will initiate the refund process.

Once the refund has been received by you, you will lose all your previous rights of using any designs delivered by us. We maintain legality by sending the information to the Copyright Acquisition of the Government Copyright Agencies.


We value your needs and expectations by making all efforts to meet them. We have all skilled designers who always do their level best to satisfy you.

Our strong belief is in the provision of the best designs. That’s why our team of expert designers conducts in-depth research work for each of our design concept and theme and then crafts it.




Your Budget Website keeps the records of finalized designs so that in case of any misplaced order, you will be provided the exact file.


Our customer support is present 24/7 to answer all of your concerns and queries, our team will answer your concerns anytime and every time.